The Bevis Trust is the charitable wing of International Wildlife Consultants ( ) and of the farm, so it has access to a lot of staff and facilities.

The Longbyre has facilities for group activities and meetings and for individual work stations. It has catering facilities and disabled toilets and parking. It is fairly full at the moment because we are also working on robotic birds . There are opportunities there for people interested in technology and interacting with animals through technology.

We have seven workshops on the farm, the largest being 40 metres long. These include a tree nursery, a saw mill, forge, welding facilities and all the usual farm equipment such as tractors, quad bikes, vehicles etc. We have a laboratory with microscopes and an endoscope, a library, several offices and work stations, and a boardroom for meetings. We have various filming facilities and cameras. Most of the farm is covered by radio broadband.

There are seven staff houses on the farm of which two offer shared accommodation. We also have up to 8 yurts available on various parts of the farm for short stay volunteers. A canteen, showers and disabled toilets are available.

We have around 20 staff based on the farm of which most are graduates and three have PhDs, some have teaching qualifications. We often provide facilities or supervision for under-graduate and post-grad studies.

Animals on the farm include sheep, sometimes cattle, horses, falcons and dogs.