The Bevis Trust

Important News: Beavers have been recognised as a native species in Scotland. We are looking foward to hearing the Welsh response to this great piece of news. Click here for our beaver project page.

The Bevis Trust is a not for profit company based in south west Wales. It has evolved as the altruistic arm of International Wildlife Consultants which has worked internationally on conservation for 25 years.

  • We manage wildlife on our 300 acre farm in Carmarthenshire and on other farms in the south west of Wales.
  • We are demonstrating how wildlife habitats can be restored and managed hand in hand with agricultural production. Both are needed if we are to survive on this planet.
  • We enable people to come and learn by doing.
  • We help other wildlife restoration projects both in UK and around the world.

You can find out about the farm here

Beaver Watching in Wales

The Bevis Trust is home to three beaver families. Each family lives in a large enclosure, but behave as they would in the wild. We hope that one day we will be able to watch beavers in the wild, but in the meantime we are offering the chance for people to come and watch beavers at our farm within their natural habitat!

This is the only location in southern Britain were you can reliably watch beavers in natural surroundings.

Find out more about Beaver Watching and book your viewing.