Baseline Survey

By The Bevis Trust In , | September 6, 2016

Due to the success of our breeding beavers this year we thought it only fair to give them a little more space. We are creating a new pen for them, it will be approximately 1ha in size and will give the occupants access to willow, a pond, streams, bog and thick vegetation. Alicia, the Welsh Beaver Project Officer from the Wildlife Trusts introduced us to some keen biology students who have taken on the task of performing a baseline study of flora and fauna in the new pen and will be monitoring it to observe the successional changes as the beavers make themselves at home. Already a few species of which we were unaware have popped up. As soon as they have the data collated we will update our species list.

1. Crambus perlella

Crambus Perlella – Photo: Alexander Bell

2. Aquatic surveys - Alex kick sampling

Kick Sampling in the pond. Photo: Alexander Bell

3. Emperor Dragonfly

Emperor Dragonfly – Photo: Alexander Bell

Fencing work has now started on the site and we hope to get a beaver family moved in for October while there is still time for them to build their winter food cache.


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