Otterly wonderful

By The Bevis Trust In , | June 25, 2019

The sun never has to try very hard to lure me away from a desk and computer screen, and Thursday was no different.   All day it teased, dancing between ominous clouds but when it finally showed promise to stay a while, I happily pressed ‘save’ and closed the lid on my laptop.

Eyeing the Himalayan Balsam stealthily spreading its army along the riverbank, I made a mental note to return before its flowers opened and the seeds explode, strengthening its muster of troops, forcing our native flora to surrender to its domination.

As I turned, what lay before me was both amazing and the most exciting thing I have seen for a while.

Ok…I understand that maybe you are not quite as amazed or excited as I was in that moment…but in that precise spot, in the ‘nano-seconds’ before I could get my phone out, there were three, yes, THREE otters before me.   A mother and two not-so-young ones.    Their coats so densely brown and glossy, and in such good condition, they exuded perfection in bonniness as they bounded for the safety of the water.

Of course, the temptation was to fetch my good camera and evidence another sighting….but the moment had gone.  As I am sure, so had the otters.

Besides, I was on ‘borrowed time’ from my laptop.   That brief 15 minutes away from the screen, gave me a wonderful ‘mind’s eye’ moment and lasting hours of delight.   It made my day.

Jo Oliver



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