By The Bevis Trust In , , | July 11, 2017

My dog woke me at inordinately early this morning.   I sleepily let her out and couldn’t help but notice the full moon lighting the yard, and the rush of cool, sweet air meeting my face as the door opened.

I went back to bed and relished the warm wrap of my duvet.    Sisal’s bark disappeared into the valley of the farm, as she happily chased who knows what, in the moon shadows.   I hope she’s not too long lest I fall asleep.

However, I notice and cannot ignore, a growing conflict:   warm bed, moonlit farm, warm bed, moonlit farm, warm bed… (sigh) moonlit farm…    A sigh because I know this to mean I will shortly be leaving my warm bed…  a sigh akin to that when indulging a child…’yes, get up, get dressed, go outside…’

Once seen, it cannot be unseen – and I had, in that moment, seen the moonlight.   Beautiful.   And it was calling.

Moonshadow was bathing  the landscape.   I disturbed a crow from its roost as I walked.  And as it took flight, it emitted a rarking caw which echoed down the valley, and was shortly answered by another crow in the distance.

I headed for the pond enclosure  hosting a family of beavers, and sure enough, there they were – although I couldn’t see them  I could hear the gentle lap of water to their swimming, the far reaching ripples illuminated by the moon, and the low, somewhat comforting grunt as they went about chewing a bit of wood, creating a dam, or maybe some other bit of domestic work to be done in their lodge…     Wonderfully oblivious to the hype, the discussions, the voluminous documentation which surrounds them.   They are just being beavers.

We humans can so complicate matters, fearfully.

The peace was palpable.

The sound of a rabbit meeting its end, in the jaws of a fox (I presume) filled the air…it uncomfortably seemed to go on for too long a time….yet even then the peace was still there.    An observer to all going on, and yet I was also part of it.   We are all part of it.   Life.  We are all part of the whole.

That was three and half hours ago….now the sun is shining and the quietude of my 4am moonlight meander is fast fading as I prepare for the day’s work ahead.    Already it seems a lifetime ago, yet something is lingering… something remains.    It is constant.

There for the seeing.    There in the being.


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