Ponds and Trees

By The Bevis Trust In , , | April 24, 2019

We have had a manic year at the Bevis Trust. During the summer drought Steve managed to get the heavy digger into places that are normally too soft to support the machine. The ponds that he managed to open out need a lot of replanting and this work will continue for a season or two before they are optimal for wildlife. With the dry ground we also managed to haul out the oak and ash felled in the winter and stack it at Cwmduhen ready for milling. These trees sadly had either fallen or were leaning heavily and had to come down. Once they were removed I under-planted with young hardwood trees which we have grown on the farm from seed. These will take years to grow but that is the way with woodland. Some of our woodlands that we planted only 20-30 years ago are getting big, but ash die back has meant that we are losing about 75% of our ash trees. We are also trying to thin out the larch as much as we can but most of it is not economic to haul out in the steep terrain. Originally planted as a nursery crop, it is hard to thin without damaging the hardwoods.

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