The Good Guys

By The Bevis Trust In , , | February 1, 2017

Western Power Distribution – what can I say? Their amazing guys have been working to get the old power lines down today in appalling conditions. A real heroic effort.

And what a difference it’s made. Already the view is much improved but much more importantly, wildfowl and other birds visiting the lakes are now much less likely to collide with cables. I have walked around many marshes shaking my head sadly at the sorry corpses of swans, geese and duck underneath the power lines. Indeed, I once saw a swan hit the lines and tumble to the ground in the half light.The Exminster marshes in Devon were particularly bad, I remember, as a line of huge pylons stalked across the landscape, claiming the lives of many species.

Before the heavens opened

So now, thanks to the generosity and effort of the folks at Western Power Distribution, at least some small patch of sky is safer for the birds. Thank you!


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