Tree Planting

By The Bevis Trust In , | February 6, 2018

We are currently plating about 16 acres of deciduous woodland as part of the carbon woodland creation scheme. We were very keen for the woodland to be planted in a random pattern rather than in lines or waves. Random planting makes it much harder for the planters to achieve the correct stocking rate but the effect, especially a few years down the line, will be worth it.


We are planting a mix of sessile oak, wych elm and downy birch with a few willows and aspen on the lower edges plus a good number of more shrubby species.


Over the next few years the canes and tree guards will degrade, the growing trees will shade out the bracken and we will see an increase in biodiversity. At the moment it’s all wheel marks, piles of bags and boxes and sweat and toil but soon the wheel marks


will grass over, the boxes and bags will all have been removed and nature will be allowed to take over. I just wish I could see it in 150 year’s time.



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